College of General Studies

The College of General Studies provides basic training in a variety of courses to enable matriculation into the respective Schools. The courses are intended to “provide a durable, discernible and differentiating set of core competencies & professional values shared by all graduates of  The IDMANN Institute irrespective of vocation or field of specialization”.  Every student who intends to graduate from any of the Schools must first complete the Associate Training Program in the College of General Studies, or demonstrate sufficient proficiency to secure a waiver in pertinent courses. Students are expected to take courses in ALL these areas in their first four quarters prior to matriculation into any of the Schools. The course load would be approximately five courses per quarter. The College of General Studies consists of five concentrations: Language & Communication, Workplace Skills, Financial Literacy, Business Development, and Personal Development. Detailed descriptions of all courses provided in this college can be viewed in the College of General Studies Course Catalog.