The School of Technical Sciences

The School of Technical Sciences will provide hands-on training to those interested in pursing opportunities in the technical sectors of the economy. The specific goal of this school is to train enterprise-ready students who can create small businesses that create jobs, provide excellent service, and drive the real economy. Students may matriculate into this school upon completion of the core requirements in the College of General Studies.

The School of Technical  Sciences has a unique role to play in creating new opportunities for women in traditionally gender-challenged careers. The correction of these imbalances starts with the training and educational process. EVERY effort must be made to encourage and recruit women to register in the programs in automotive technology, welding and metalcraft, and electrical technology. Women in these fields are virtually non-existent in Nigeria (and the US for that matter where only 1.4% of auto mechanics are female). These are potentially highly lucrative career paths for women (especially given the novelty of women in these professions). The initial cohort of women make for ideal candidates for funding through the Enterprise Development Fund to start their own businesses and demonstrate success, with the businesses supported with aggressive television advertising. (Television advertising should also be used to attract students with a direct and concerted effort made to address the stereotypes that restrict women from these careers.) This will be groundbreaking and iconoclastic - a distinctive feature of the School. The School of Technical Sciences Course Catalog provides a detailed description of all programs and the courses being offered.