Internships & Career Placement

The Institute is focused on professional development. Internships are an invaluable part of the development of a student into a competent professional. The Experiential Services Office in the Office of Institutional Services has the mandate to identify, cultivate and develop relationships that result in variegated internship opportunities for students in the school. These opportunities are closely coordinated with the student, faculty and prospective internship providers to ensure that most students who seek the opportunity have an internship during their tenure in the IDMANN Schools.

Career Placement & Professional Development

In addition to internships, the Experiential Services Office (ESO) is responsible for career placement of students upon graduation. The ESO proactively seeks placement opportunities for students. These placement efforts are closely coordinated with the internship opportunities so that students (where  feasible) evolve from interns into employees. More importantly, the ESO scouts and secures employment opportunities for graduates by “starting the conversation” early (with both students and prospective employers) so that on graduation the ESO would have lined up viable employment opportunities for students, where feasible.