The Work Study program encourages and provides opportunities for students to work in the school and in associated entities DURING the school year. The money earned by students goes toward defraying their tuition expenses. These jobs are typically part-time, recognizing the academic demands on the students’ time.

This is a direct attempt to break the culture of dependency in which students are totally dependent on family for their upkeep. The IDMANN Institute believes that students in Nigeria, like their counterparts in other countries, can work to defray part, if not cover the entirety, of their educational expenses. The work study program is managed by the Experiential Services Unit and is coordinated with the relevant Masters and Deans, and the corporate administration of the institution.

Open positions shall be made available to students on a competitive basis. Students will be expected to apply and present themselves professionally for evaluation. Students in the work-study program must adhere to all regulations in the providing organizational unit.

Financial Aid & Student Loan Program

The Office of Transactional Services (OTS) works with partner banks and financial institutions to enable students access to loans and other facilities that would help them cover the cost of their education. In addition, OTS devotes considerable energy and resources to identifying and securing (domestic & international) grants and scholarships for students at the IDMANN Institute.