The Institute is a professional development institution. Its focus is the development of competent, seasoned specialists in the listed areas of study. While the focus is professional development, the institution maintains a baseline of academic attainment in enrolled students in order to realize those professional outcomes. Minimum entry requirements are intended to ensure the maintenance of that baseline. Intending students must sit an entrance examination comparable to the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The minimum entry requirement is a high school education with appropriate credits.

At its discretion and subject to emerging needs, the College of General Studies may provide REMEDIAL courses that assist students to attain this threshold prior to enrolment in the CGS. It should be recognized that this service may also support and be attractive to students who are looking to apply to other tertiary institutions.This program is the Entrance Prep Program (EPP) and is focused on providing targeted remedial courses that help prospective students pass the Joint Matriculation Exams. This program draws extensively from academic and human capital resources at IDMANN College given that these test preparation services are part of the offering at the College. This prepares students for entrance into the Institute and other tertiary institutions.

Entrance requirements are established and enforced by the College of General Studies (CGS) since CGS instantiates the admissions process into the Institute.Any student who successfully completes the Associate Degree in General Studies (in the College of General Studies) is eligible to apply to any of the schools, subject to personal interest, prior professional experience and availability in the desired program.  Additional admissions requirements may be set by individual schools (such as essays and the like) but the baseline of admissions requirements for the Institute is established and enforced at the CGS.Admissions tests are administered quarterly to coincide with (subsequent) quarterly admissions into the CGS. Prospective students have the option of re-taking the tests to achieve the required entrance benchmark for admission to the CGS.

Waivers & Academic Competence Testing

There may be instances in which seemingly academically qualified students apply to the Institute. On a prima facie basis, these candidates may seem to be ideally suited for waivers. As a general rule, the College of General Studies avoids the use of waivers. Every effort is directed toward getting students to sit for the admissions tests. This creates a uniform baseline. Where a waiver is deemed justified, the Master of the College of General Studies MUST personally recommend the waiver—in writing—and the Academic Steering Committee (which includes all Deans, Masters and academic leadership of the school) must approve the waiver UNANIMOUSLY for it to be granted.