International Language Program (ILP)


The College of General Studies (CGS) provides training in international languages through the International Language Program (ILP). The aim of ILP is to provide language instruction to non-native speakers (typically for business or educational candidates) OR aspiring speakers in Diaspora. In many instances, young children (and even adults) live in countries that make it difficult for them to achieve proficiency in their vernacular or the vernacular of their parents. ILP seeks to close that gap by bringing language instruction to these residents in Diaspora.


  • ILP provides language instruction in the areas shown in the graphic.
  • ILP instruction is individualized, with each student paired with a trained instructor who is available online at scheduled times to provide instruction. Classes are scheduled and held online through the IDMANN Online Portal.
  • EPP also provides group instruction in support of schools, organizations, families or institutions that seek to provide group instruction for their students. Discounts typically apply for group instruction.
  • ILP courses are graduated, with each language comprising of the following modules: Intro I, Intro II, Speaker I, Speaker II, Master I, Master II, and Expert. Each module lasts for 6-9 months depending on the pace and development of the student.
  • ILP students have the option of attending classes in person at our Mary’s Court campus or taking courses online. Most students opt for the online classes which are more flexible, especially for students who live abroad.
  • On successful completion of each module, students earn a Certificate of Completion.
  • Online classes are usually scheduled for evenings and weekends while in-person classes are typically scheduled during the week. Individualized classes are scheduled at the convenience of the student and the instructor but must meet the minimum participation requirements for the program.
  • Even though classes are online, students are expected to maintain the pace of study to ensure that they realize the benefit of the instruction. Classes typically meet twice a week.
  • Typical participation in each ILP module runs for 6 months. Depending on enrollment, ILP sessions typically start the first (working) Monday of every month.