• The Aquaculture Enterprise Program is for those who wish to run a fish farm as a business. In our experience, there are two groups of people who do not necessarily find the Aquaculture Enterprise Program most suitable. First, some practicing fish farmers realize at some point that their grasp of the fundamentals of the field may be weak. To that end, they desire a course that speaks to their needs but does not necessarily include the FFBX and the other offerings included in the Aquaculture Enterprise Program. The second group includes people who have NOT yet decided to commit to aquaculture entrepreneurship but want to learn enough to decide if it is the appropriate opportunity for them. For these two groups we offer the Introductory Aquaculture Course. This is a course (very similar in content to the Aquaculture Enterprise Program) that is delivered over a shorter horizon (typically two consecutive weekends since there is no practicum component). At the end of this training, participants get a Certificate of Completion in “Introductory Aquaculture”.
  • It assumes NO knowledge of aquaculture on the part of registrants, beyond the interest and desire to explore aquaculture. However, the course does provide ample opportunity for participants who have some experience to discuss and explore their operating challenges in class.
  • The training takes place over two consecutive weekends (typically all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon) during which time students meet in person at a designated location. The online component of this course is very limited due to its compressed nature. However, students are expected to complete reading and exploratory projects as part of their training. While the training usually takes place at our corporate campus in Umuahia, IDMANN Institute organizes specialized sessions for significant groups of students closer to their places of domicile when needed.
  • Participation in classes is MANDATORY in order to receive the Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Students must successfully complete and pass the tests and assignments given in the sessions to receive the certification.
  • This course is tailor-made for delivery to groups, organizations, cooperatives and the like that want to upskill their members or associates. This course can be delivered on-site or a mutually convenient location to benefit the client organization(s). For more information to discuss potential training for your organization, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the IDMANN Institute (see the CONTACT US section for details).